What is Bursitis?

Bursitis is pain and discomfort due to the inflammation of the fluid filled cushion or sack near or inside of a joint. Most commonly found at the hip, it causes swelling and discomfort in surrounding joints and muscles. Improving body mechanics, stretching, and balanced strengthening are all important recovery tools.

While Bursitis can affect any joint it is most common in the shoulders.

Subsequently allowing this inflammation to resolve, restoring your normal function and diminishing or eliminating pain.


Treatment Options

Physical Therapy is an effective treatment for Bursitis. However there are other treatment options available to you that may improve outcomes if used in conjunction with therapy. Talk to your primary care physician about medications to address the inflammation. We can help to determine whether you are a good candidate for corticosteroid injections.  And will assess whether surgery is an option which is especially relevant to treatment.



For those patients that do require surgery there are multiple options available to them one of which is a bursectomy. In a bursectomy aggravated Bursae are removed from the area around the joint. Subsequently new Bursa will often grown to fill the void left by the original Bursae and are generally less sensitive to irritation and pain allowing for a level of relief.

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