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We can help you lose weight and tone up for a special event such as a wedding, reunion, or upcoming beach vacation!
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  • We specialize in strength, conditioning and weight loss programs that are designed to protect your joints while you workout.
  • By employing principles of exercise physiology, we offer you a better workout and better results in less time.
  • We’ll keep you motivated with our one on one attention and sense of humor.
  • We offer reasonable cash rates.

We can tailor your workout to be sport specific, and to fit in to your lifestyle. Heather (bottom) is improving this client’s golf swing by increasing his trunk rotation.

Golf Training

Fitness Training Prices

$75 per 1 hour training session
$95 per 1 hour training session for a couple

Training Package
$700 for 10 training sessions ($5 per session savings)

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