Personal Training

We offer personal training also known as fitness training services, in which you are guided and coached in your exercises in a one on one setting to help you obtain the most from your work out.  We can coach you in sticking to your goals and in remaking your lifestyle to achieve a more healthy balance. We create personalized exercise regimens geared toward achieving your goals, whether they be to become stronger, to avoid pain and prevent injury with your exercises, to lose weight, or improve in your sport.  Physical therapists are experts at analyzing body mechanics and the micro movements that occur in the muscles and joints with every move you make.  We can uncover what problem areas may be limiting you by testing your strength, flexibility and joint mobility.  We are trained in cardiovascular exercise and know how to adapt programs no matter what your background, whether you are a high level athlete or someone managing serious medical issues such as recent heart surgery, diabetes, recent stroke, or obesity.    We can teach you to be your own guide, or we can take you through each step of the way.