Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Good Health Physical Therapy & Wellness offers comprehensive physical therapy for injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.  We work with athletes after an injury or at end-of-season when they may be experiencing overuse or fatigue.  While injury rehabilitation important it is obviously best to prevent injuries in the first place.

Good Health Physical Therapy offers Functional Movement Screens as a part of our Injury Prevention Program.

Benefits of screening:

  • Prevent injuries
  • Increase performance

What is a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) ?

  •  This standardized assessment identifies physical imbalances including weak or over developed muscles.
  • By identifying problems before they arise and addressing them, the athlete may prevent injuries and even enhance performance.
  • Professional teams such as the Timbers and the Timbers Academy use functional screens.

Who Should Do a Functional Movement Screen?

  •  Everyone!:  Anyone can benefit from a Functional Movement Screen.
  • Students:  Student athletes particularly benefit from Functional Movement Screens.  Early screen will catch unhealthy movement patterns.  when caught early, the student athlete can be educated on optimal movement patterns.  This will result in a decrease in injuries and an increase in performance.
  • All Adults:  Even adults benefit from Functional Movement Screens.  Regardless of your activity level a screen will be highly beneficial.  Some adults wake up one day and realize they have spent way too much time behind a desk.  Even active adults  can benefit from a screen.  Some active adults find themselves in the trap of over training with compromised movement patterns.  Our physical therapist will assess your patterns and provide suggestions on how to train more efficiently.
  • What Sports Should Use The FMS? Soccer, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Track, Field, La-cross, Wrestling, Hockey, Swimming, Volleyball, Gymnasts, Baseball, Softball to name just a few.

Good Health Physical Therapy & Wellness Sports Rehabilitation Program:

Our comprehensive Sports Rehabilitation program includes the following elements:

  • Comprehensive Fitness Assessment and Functional Movement Screens.
  • Individual attention to address your specific orthopedic and sports needs.
  • Comprehensive Concussion Assessment.  Pre-concussion baseline assessment, concussion assessment, rehabilitation and safe return to sports.
  • Vestibular rehabilitation –  specialized rehabilitation associated with post-concussion.
  • Sports injuries assessment and treatment.
  • Guidance for normal bony development and growth for youth athletes.


We are so passionate about our screens that you can get your screen for free.  Call our office to schedule.  503-292-5882