What Patients Say

EDITOR’S NOTE: Good Health Physical Therapy & Wellness was formerly Goodell Physical Therapy & Fitness until January 1, 2015.  We have left the quotes verbatim for accuracy purposes.

“These weights I can get anywhere, but the Heather…PRICELESS!!!”
– Charles Huff

“The thing that helped the most was when I learned to rotate my lower, middle and upper back independently around my spine which has increased the length of my swing and added more power.  My Driver distance has increased from 245 to 285.  I can hit an 8 iron from 150 yards instead of a 6 iron.  I’ve moved up from the B flight to the A flight!”
– Brian Hanline, golfer

“I had a herniated cervical disc that required surgical treatment. Following surgical intervention I continued to experience a great deal of pain and muscle spasms. I was referred to Goodell Physical Therapy by a co-worker. I began treatment 4 months ago and saw improvement within a week. I value the unique approach, the interpersonal relationship, the knowledgeable therapists and the one on one instruction I have received. I strongly recommend Goodell Physical Therapy.”
– Kim

“Working with Jaime at Goodell Physical Therapy over the last 2 years has 1) Saved my right knee after replacement surgery and 2) Vastly improved my health and fitness through on-going training.”
– Paul K.

“I have been working with Goodell Physical Therapy for almost a year. First we resolved my frozen shoulder, now we are making slow steady progress in resolving Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I am extremely thrilled with the careful attention and guidance I have received.”
-M. C. Rees

“Goodell Physical Therapy is a wonderful place to regain my skills and confidence after back surgery. They are thorough, professional, encouraging and caring.”
– Mollie Lilly

“Heather used an interesting technique of different stretches to make the pain in my back go away and in 10 minutes I felt like a new woman!
– Lauren Purdin

“After 10 years of pain and decreased mobility in my neck, and multiple physical therapists, I finally found Heather who made my life worth living. Thank you.”
– Kim

“My daughter recommended Goodell to me for therapy for my knees and balance problems. My therapist is Jaime. I feel she has helped me so much in getting better use of my knees and is helping me with my balance issues. It isn’t always easy, but I will try my very best to do what she recommends to be more comfortable in walking and in being more fit. I will recommend Goodell to anyone to help with their problems.”
– Lois B.

“Thanks Heather for your awesome treatment. It really did work!”
– Brent G.

3 thoughts to “What Patients Say”

  1. Good Health and Heather have completely changed my quality of life. I have seen so many PT’s and other practitioners over the last 20 years, but none like Heather. She’s empathetic, non-judgmental and she’s literally a body work genius. She is the best part of my week and my physical healing journey.

  2. I have worked with Emily DeCarlo for all sorts of things. She’s highly skilled as well as being holistic minded and intuitive. Her work is awesome and has helped me a lot.

  3. MS Katie is amazing love going to good health finally found a place where I fit in I’m a total zebra heather and zabora the zebra are amazing as well …
    have the best time in therapy

    they are all awesome would recommend them to anyone who has challenges in the past with pt. feel great after I leave and the front desk staff are amazing they are so helpful

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