Foot Pain

What Kind of Foot Pain?

Foot pain and ankle injuries can have various causes including sprains, twists, strains, fractures, plantar fasciitis, post surgical feet, or toe injuries to name a few. These injuries can greatly limit your function and ability to walk. It is important with a foot or ankle injury the whole lower leg is assessed and strength, proprioception, and balance reactions are all taken into consideration when developing a plan of care. Here at Good Health Physical Therapy you can also get custom orthotics if needed for arch support made by casting your feet to ensure the best fit, comfort and support an orthotic can provide. The foot is the base of support for the whole body and it is very important to seek treatment if you have an injury or pain.

Foot pain and ankle pain affect gait and may cause issues in other joints.

Foot and ankle pain affect gait and can lead to further complications in other joints.

How is it treated?

Depending on the type of injury you are experiencing your treatment may vary. Our physical therapists are well versed in the different types of ankle and foot injuries. They will evaluate you to determine which category of impairment you fall into. Your treatment may consist of strengthening or range of motion exercises. Or they may prescribe rest to allow the injured area time to recover before stressing it with activity. Regardless of the injury we will find a treatment plan that fits you.

Patient Resources

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