Low Back Pain

First Line Treatment  for Low Back Pain

Did you know that Physical Therapy can be a very effective first point of care for low back pain? An especially relevant recent study published in the journal Health Services Research revealed that

“Patients who saw a physical therapist before trying other treatments had a lower probability of eventually needing an opioid prescription, advanced imaging services, or an  ER visit.” (Frogner et al. 2018)

Physical Therapists are experts at musculo-skeletal examination and treatment. The PT’s at Good Health Physical Therapy will consider the factors that lead to your back pain, evaluate the results of your examination, and consequently design a customized treatment plan specific to your back and your life. Furthermore treatments provided by a physical therapist are often non-intrusive and may include:

  • Manual therapy to improve joint or soft tissue flexibility
  • Pain relief techniques
  • Muscular re-education to improve motor control
  • Training for back self-care, lifting and comfortable sleep
  • Guidance in safe exercise and return to activities
  • Strengthening and core stabilization training

The conditions that lead to back pain are varied, therefore the onset can be sudden or gradual.

Common conditions that lead to back pain include degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, herniated disc, fracture, or spinal stenosis. Understanding the underlying cause of  back pain will help you learn strategies to reduce your risk of having it come back.

If you are having low back pain that has lasted for more than a few days, please call us to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists.

Frogner BK, Harwood K, Andrilla CA, Schwartz M, Pines JM. 2018. Physical Therapy as the First Point of Care to Treat Low Back Pain: An Instrumental Variables Approach to Estimate Impact on Opioid Prescription, Health Care Utilization, and Costs. Health Serv Res. . doi:10.1111/1475-6773.12984

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