Labral Tear

Labrum pain can be intense and affect daily activities.

Labrum pain can be intense and affect the use of the arm.

What is a Labral Tear?

The labrum is a ring of cartilage around the socket of a joint that helps to keep the head of a bone such as the humerus or femur centered in the socket. Subsequently allowing the shoulder or hip to move effectively through a full range of motion in a stable fashion. In the case of a labral tear, the labrum is damaged inhibiting its function. It is sometimes best repaired surgically, as depending on where it is torn, it does not always have the ability to completely heal on its own.


How is it treated?

At Good Health Physical Therapy, we can help diagnose a labral tear and develop a comprehensive rehabilitation exercise program for strength, mobility, and pain relief, along with recommending a good orthopedic surgeon if that appears to be necessary. If surgery is indicated by your level of injury we can help to guide you through the process and work in conjunction with your orthopedic surgeon to return you to a state of function.


Surgical interventions for a labral tear general take the form of Hip or Shoulder Arthroscopies. Depending on the type of tear you are experiencing your surgeon may or may not choose to pursue surgical solutions. In these procedures a miniature camera is inserted into the body and used to guide surgical instruments. A surgeon repairs the torn labrum often using either the patients own tissue or donor tissue and closes the incision. Recovery from such procedures is usually relatively fast and they are often performed on an out-patient basis.