Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

The list of potential sports injuries is long and varied.  A patient is dealing with dysfunction if they experience pain which doesn’t recede on its own after two weeks. At Good Health Physical Therapy & Wellness we will guide you through a safe and regimented return to your sport or activity of choice.  Subsequently armed with proper instruction, strength, flexibility, and knowledge to excel at whatever level you find yourself. We will develop a sport specific program tailored toward your goals that will help to improve your athletic performance and decrease any pain that you may be having due to your injury.

Sports can put significant strain on the body but extended periods of pain are not normal.

Types of Therapy

Our treatment style is dependent upon the specific injury that you are experiencing as well as your personal preference. Our physical therapists use a multitude of manual therapy techniques and exercise programs. Furthermore we aim to strengthen specific muscle groups to address weakness that could be leading to injury. For a list of the different treatment styles and qualifications of our physical therapists please check out our staff page.

How quickly can I return to Sports?

Treatment duration and the length of recovery are dictated by severity of the initial injury, the amount of time between the initial injury and treatment, and the program compliance. We find that patients that seek treatment soon after being injured and adhere to their therapy program often have notably better outcomes and return to sport faster than those who do not.

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