Sports Injury & Concussion Prevention & Rehabilitation

Sports Injury & Concussion Prevention & Rehabilitation

Good Health Physical Therapy & Wellness offers comprehensive physical therapy for sports injury prevention and rehabilitation.  We can work with athletes after an injury or at end-of-season when they may be experiencing overuse or fatigue. While injury rehabilitation important it is obviously best to prevent injuries in the first place. Consequently If you have not yet experienced an injury but are worried about your bodies ability to handle sport we are more than happy to assist you with a comprehensive fitness assessment.

Our comprehensive Sports Rehabilitation program includes the following elements:

  • Comprehensive Fitness Assessment
  • Individual attention to address your specific orthopedic and sports needs.
  • Comprehensive Concussion Assessment.  Pre-concussion baseline assessment, concussion assessment, rehabilitation and safe return to sports.
  • Vestibular rehabilitation –  specialized rehabilitation associated with post-concussion.
  • Sports injuries assessment and treatment.
  • Guidance for normal bony development and growth for youth athletes.


A concussion is an injury the brain may sustain after moving quickly within the cranial walls. This injury can occur as a result of blunt trauma to the head as in sports or a fall, or with a high-speed head movement (whiplash) as in a motor vehicle accident. In addition you do not need to have lost consciousness to have sustained a concussion.

Symptoms of concussion vary widely and may include, but are not limited to:

  • Headache
  • Neck pain
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Vision impairment
  • Balance impairment
  • Memory impairment
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Fatigue or drowsiness
  • Sensitivity to light, sound, or movement
  • Increased emotion, or mood changes, including irritability, depression, or anxiety


Often symptoms will resolve independently with active rest, although you should always see a medical practitioner as soon as possible if you suspect a concussion. However the healing process may be accelerated with appropriate treatment. If the symptoms last longer than typical (varying by age and injury type) you may be diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS), which generally requires more advanced treatment. Treatment for concussion or PCS multi-disciplinary intervention from practitioners such as physical therapists in addition to occupational therapists, speech therapists, vision therapists, neuropsychologists, and sports/orthopedic doctors.

Physical therapy is one of the first line treatments. We will work to identify your specific impairments to tailor a program that addresses your symptoms to speed recovery. Especially relevant treatments include:

  • Muscle release, strengthening and postural training to reduce head and neck pain
  • Balance training
  • Vestibular training to address dizziness, nausea and difficulty focusing
  • Education on appropriate rest, activity and exercise
  • Education on ways to reduce your symptoms while they are present and how to adjust your environment to best avoid triggering them

So if you are planning on taking part in Sports where you feel you may be at risk or have experienced a blow to the head and would like to have yourself evaluated please don’t hesitate to make an appointment.


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