Good Health Physical Therapy & Wellness, Portland, Oregon

A physical therapy clinic with a focus on holistic, multifaceted and individualized care.

We are currently hiring a new Physical Therapist. Both the job listing and our glassdoor reviews can be found HERE.

Our Head Physical Therapist and Owner Heather Purdin has just published a book on hypermobility, Taming the Zebra, see our Equipment page for more information.

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Unlike most fast-paced, high volume clinics our Portland based physical therapy clinics offers hour long personalized treatments.  You will experience warm, holistic care that adapts to your level of injury and pace of recovery.  Our experienced therapists work as a collaborative team, drawing upon their individual well developed clinical experience to provide you with care that best meets your needs.

No medical referral is needed to start physical therapy, unless required by your insurance company.  We are happy to help with verifying your insurance benefits and are able to bill most insurance companies.  As a part of our holistic approach to wellness and rehabilitation, we work with your MD, ND, DO, Chiropractor, LPN, midwife or wellness provider to provide collaborative wellness care. Call us today to discuss your situation or to schedule your initial consultation.