Season’s Greetings!

Greetings and Happy Holidays:

As 2022 comes to an end, we at Good Health Physical Therapy have been looking back at the past year with gratitude for so many wonderful people and so much growth. We invite you to read this update letter about our clinic and staff. Give us your comments telling us how many staff members mention goat yoga for a chance to receive a prize.

In the big picture of our business, we have investigated opening a clinic in Hillsboro and decided not to pursue this at this time due to market forces. In the area of communications, we have added a texting option and patients may now text us through our office phone.

We have experienced several staffing changes in the office. We said goodbye and good luck to Susan and Skyler who took jobs in their master-degree fields of study. We welcomed Kristen and Becca as — wonderful new additions. Welcome Kristen and Becca!

Among the clinical staff, we said goodbye to: Chie who took an opportunity to work at a clinic walking distance from her home; Jessica who moved to Bend following a fantastic job opportunity for her husband; Mike who pursued a job opportunity to take him to a next level of professional development in his areas of special interest. Farewell friends.

Also in the clinical staff, we welcomed back Katie Gertz, PT, DPT, who returns now that her little ones are old enough that she can leave the house more. And over the summer, we welcomed the new additions of Zeborah Dazzle, PT who joined as our patient educator and spokes-zebra and Mark Melecki, PT, DPT, OCS who has brought his manual therapy, teaching and exercise skills to our southwest clinic. Finally, we are delighted to offer a warm welcome to our newest therapist, Kelly Constable, PT, DPT, who just started with us in December. Kelly comes to us from Vancouver via Arizona and from Ohio where she studied PT. Welcome Katie, Zeborah, Mark and Kelly!

But let’s have each member of our team say a word or two about their year:

Becca McCall – I was pleased to start my new job at Good Health Physical Therapy in July, but even more exciting was getting married in November at the Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River.




Becky Gordon – I am taking on a new role within the clinic! I have officially taken over the billing for Good Health and am working from home full time.

(Note: Becky is seen here wearing the official billing crown of dollar bills and is pictured with our worn and beloved skeleton, Slim.)




Emily DeCarlo, MPT, RYT-200 – It’s 8 years now that I have been with Good Health. I continue to hone my John Barnes Myofascial Release expertise (MFR) and lean into my skills to support pelvic pain.  I’m adjusting to life with kids that are off to college and have been enjoying more time working in the yard. Juggling 4 pets post COVID quarantine is keeping me on my toes. (Editors note: We have been trying to get a picture of Emily actually juggling her pets but did not have one at press time.)


Heather Purdin, MS, PT, CMPT – This year, I have been busy coauthoring Taming the Zebra- It’s much more than Hypermobility: The Definitive Physical Therapy Guide to Managing HSD/EDS. We are moving toward publishing and printing in early 2023. Join the mailing list to get updates at Personally, I enjoyed a group camping trip to Wallowa Lake this summer, and performing in Peter Pan the Musical Panto at the Alberta Abbey Theater from December 10-18 as Nana the dog and lost-boy Nibs.

Jason Bouwkamp, PT, DPT, MS, CSCS, SFB – I continue to enjoy deepening my understanding of movement and working with conditioning approaches for advanced levels of rehabilitation. I am looking forward to taking courses toward credentialing in goat yoga in 2023. At home, my wife and I find joy in watching our son mature in to fully being a toddler.


Katie Gertz, PT, DPT – After a long hiatus from physical therapy through the pandemic, I am happy to be back at GHPT. It has felt like a homecoming to be able to work with such a great group of people. Since I have been back, I have even been able to see clients that I knew from before I left. This place feels like family. The highlights of this past year were camping several times with my husband and 3 kids. It is fun being able to see my kids experience the outdoors in wonder. My family was also able to take a much-delayed trip to upstate New York to see my nephews and finally being able to meet my nieces. I have a lot of gratitude for 2022 and look forward to welcoming 2023.

Kelly Constable, PT, DPT – This has been a year for changes. I am happy to be starting this new job with Good Health and especially for the learning and new skills it will bring. And I got married in 2022!



Kristen Stram – 2022 was a big year for me! I went back to work after a sixteen-year hiatus and am working with the admin team, physical therapists and patients at Good Health. It’s a joy to work and connect with such wonderful humans. I turned 50 (the new 30) and enjoyed kayaking around San Juan Island with friends from high school, visiting Santa Fe with friends from college, and spending time at home with family.


Liz Finley, MSPT – Professionally, I was able to take 2 more neural manipulation classes that have really
helped with ease of getting into neutral alignment/good posture for my patients. And in
my personal life, my husband and I joyfully celebrated the wedding of my daughter in
June and welcomed a wonderful son-in-law into the family!

Mark Melecki, PT, DPT, OCS – I have been very pleased to join the Good Health team this year. Since so many hours per week are spent working, it really, really helps to work with a terrific group of people. Something I have very much enjoyed doing this year as the pandemic has moderated has been seeing a lot of live theater. Most recently, I saw “It’s Christmas Carol” at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Terrifically fun and funny and very fast moving.


Sarah Van Emmerik – I have been promoted to Office Manager at Good Health and am thrilled to be utilizing my management experience here while also learning new skills! It is a joy to be in a role where I can continue to support our staff and patients. I am continuing to work towards my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and have also recently moved, which has brought me an increased sense of peace. I am looking forward to a new year filled with adventures and moments of rest.


Shola Wilhoite – I did it! I graduated from OHSU’s School of Business with a Masters in Healthcare Business Administration in June! I also moved into a new apartment with my partner in June. Life is a joyful dance!





Tina Esquivel, PT – I have loved the classes I took for professional development this year, one on post- concussion rehabilitation and one on pregnancy/ post pregnancy exercise. This summer my family took an amazing and wild 2 week camping trip visiting national parks including Yellowstone, Arches, Canyonlands, and the Grand Canyon!




Zeborah Dazzle, PT, WWF – After a lot of paperwork, I was finally able this year to get my South African physical therapy training recognized and to get an Oregon PT license. This has allowed me to join Heather and the rest of the staff at Good Health. Contrary to rumors, while I did have the opportunity to get certified in goat yoga, I passed on this. In my personal life, I met someone very special this year, Zeke Equidae, who works at the Oregon Zoo. I expect you will hear more about him in 2023.



To all of our patients, friends and colleagues we wish a happy, healthy and joyful holiday season and the best year yet in 2023!

The Staff of Good Health Physical Therapy and Wellness.

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